Ataraxia Kennels
Craig Bloom  -  Sydney, NSW
International Representative for BAI.
(02) 4634 1101
Billabong Boerboels
Gavin Hamilton & Sandra Mullaly  -  Wollongong, NSW
0416 943 459
Pine Ridge Boerboels
Jim & Sharon Garoufalis  -  Sydney, NSW
0425 376 152
Dinperri Boerboels
Peter & Diane Arthur  -  Tallegalla, QLD
0411 481 379
Gum Fire Boerboels
Michael Rickard  -  Perth, WA
0403 162 548
Stonehill Boerboels
Richard Greeff  -  Wooroolin, QLD
0428 558 791
Attitude Boerboels
Kamahl & Rachael Hutchen  -  Brandy Hill, NSW
0439 601 145
Boab Boerboels
Tim & Shelly Watson  -  Darwin, NT
0438 785 300
Evolution Boerboels
Rob Belobrajdic  -  Sydney, NSW
Bykeron Park
Leah Painter  -  Wagin, WA
0429 612 009

If you are a registered Boerboel breeder and would like to list your details here,
please contact the Club Secretary at
Breeders must be paid-up breeder members of Boerboel Australia Inc.

The breeders who appear throughout this website are merely breeders that Boerboel Australia Inc. understands may have litters for sale. In providing you with their details, Boerboel Australia Inc. makes no representations as to the reputation of any breeders or as to the soundness or suitability of any puppy you may decide to acquire from any breeder.

You must satisfy yourself that any puppy you may decide to acquire is healthy, sound and meets your requirements. Boerboel Australia Inc. accepts no responsibility in respect of any puppy that you may acquire from any of the breeders who advertise on this website. All breeders who appear on this page are current members of Boerboel Australia Inc. have agreed to abide by the Boerboel Australia Inc's breeders code of ethics.

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